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SCTool Prides Itself on Superior Quality and Exceptional Customer Service

SCTool has been committed to providing its customers with precise and accurate cutting tools on a consistent basis since 1990. All quality related issues are passed through our Quality Assurance Department who work independently of all other processes and has final approval in tool quality.

Through our experienced engineers, operators and sales representatives as well as routine document maintenance and frequent customer expectation reviews we continue to provide the superior quality our customers have come to expect. SCTool is constantly reviewing and developing its quality systems and methods to ensure customer satisfaction on each order.

We follow through with our superior customer service and technical support on a wide range of cutting applications to ensure a quality product, which meets the customer and industry standards. In the event the product does not meet the necessary specifications, we will provide technical support at no charge to the client.

Why Partner With SCTool?

SCTool understands that each of our customers' needs is unique, each application is unique, and therefore every tool needs to be engineered uniquely. We specialize in being able to personally connect, and tailor solutions that meet the goals of the customer not SCTool. Our drills, end-mills, reamers and special carbide tooling products are currently producing the needed results in a multitude of applications across a broad range of industries including automotive, aerospace, power generation, heavy equipment, medical and custom metal working.

One of the pillars of our business is our relationship with our customers. Our customers find that SCTool is a swift organization that is very nimble and responds immediately while holding the tightest of industries tolerances. We are constantly improving our systems and services based on the relationships we have with our customers and the feedback they provide. SCTool is looking to the future, by constantly improving our manufacturing techniques, research & development, technology and communication.

Mission Statement

SCTool is committed to providing superior customer service, the latest cutting tool technology, quality workmanship, competitive prices and timely deliveries with God as our guiding light.
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