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Our cutting tool engineers understand that in the general machining industry, our customer's challenges are super-alloys (15-5PH Stainless, Titanium 6AL-4V and other heat-resistant alloys).

These materials are already more expensive and harder to machine. The next challenge would be to find a solution that stands up against the accelerated carbide tool wear caused by the abrasive nature of high-temperature alloys.

Team SCTool will work on a solution with your operators and engineers to develop a tool that works specifically for your applications needs and requirements.  We go beyond our standard products to design a specialized tool customized for you because we understand that each of our customers’ needs is unique, each application is unique, and therefore every tool needs to be engineered uniquely.  We specialize in being able to personally connect, and tailor solutions that meet the goals of the customer not SCTool.

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