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SOUTHTEC 2017 So Long for Now
What a great show and platform as our very first opportunity to be an exhibitor.  Our team is well pleased with the opportunity to present our company at such an event.  With the show behind us, we took some time to reflect on the experience now and the future.

When asked about exhibitiing for the first time in company history, Davin McRoberts had this to say:

"First time exhibiting was a great success. We met several potential customers that had never even heard of us even with us being in close proximity of their facility. It really seemed to help get our brand out there!  It also was great to see our current customers. Our current customers need to see us there because our competitors were there as well."

There are a number of highlights from being one of the many great booths attending the SOUTH-TEC show.  Davin shared a few standouts from the experience:

"I’d say the highlight was the networking I was able to do with not only our customers, but our suppliers and competitors! Also, the cost of the show was paid for in about 2 hours of the show starting with two customers that we are already assisting."

Perhaps your company is considering or are is the process of exhibiting at a trady show like SOUTH-TEC.  We'd like to share a few tips to help you get started!
  • Take the risk
  • Plan ahead to have everything finished up 2-3 weeks in advance, lowers your stress level
  • Hire someone to help you setup & break down your booth
  • Invest in matting or carpet to take care of your feet and reduce fatigue
Did you miss us at the SOUTH-TEC 2017 show this year?  Have no worries as we plan to exhibit for many years to come.  SC Tool is also planning to be an exhibitor at the 2019 Wichita Industrial Trade Show (WITS).  If you're planning to attend, come by to discuss your cutting tool applications!

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SOUTHTEC 2017 So Long for Now.
What a great show and platform as our very first opportunity to be an exhibitor.  Our team is well pleased ... Read more »
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