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Lower your total cutting tool cost per part by up to 30% more with SC Tool

SVX End Mills

  • Dominant in stainless steel and titanium
  • Produces excellent surface finishes with its chatter-free design
  • Improves productivity and reduces cost per part
  • Exceptional wear resistance
  • Industry leading carbide substrate for stainless steel and titanium machining
  • h6 tolerance shank for conventional and shrink fit applications
  • SC -16 coating provides outstanding protection, lubricity, and cutting temperature control
  • Available in SV4X (4 flute), SV5X (5 flute) and SV6X (6 flute) manufactured to your specific application
“We tested the SVX series endmills in titanium against the SV series and found 2X tool life consistently
when used as a finisher in Titanium. The endmills beat our expectations since we were already
testing against a great endmill - the SV series from SC Tool. We achieved twice the tool life in titanium
without changing any cutting parameters. The tool still looked great after cutting twice as many parts.”

Charles - Greenville, SC
.500” SV6-X End Mill
Ti6AL4V Titanium
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