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The Story Behind SC Tool: Jody McRoberts

Jody’s mother called him a dreamer; today people call dreamers entrepreneurs.  The SC Tool dream took life through Jody McRoberts 10 years of experience in the cutting tool industry.  When you marry the experience of an entrepreneur’s spirit with a dire situation of two job layoffs, a dream leads to reality.  Jody and his wife Tonya were led to take a step of faith to purchase a machine and try owning a cutting tool business for themselves.

SC Tool was founded in Saline County Arkansas in 1990 and saw slow growth through 1993.  Again circumstance led to another huge leap by uprooting the McRoberts family and moving to South Carolina in hopes to see improved growth.  This gamble turned out to be a strategic move for the company with the growing automotive and aerospace industry throughout the southeast.

SC Tool has grown through acquisitions of small to medium sized companies to build our base of machinery.  In 1996 Jody purchased the Spartanburg location and headquarters of the company.  Later on SC Tool acquired a larger facility in Travelers Rest and increased the company’s capacities with additional machinery.  Ultimately in 2016 that facility was sold and moved to a building the company purchased adjacent to the headquarters facility to increase efficiency, turnaround time, and for consolidation.

For 26 years SC Tool has succeeded through many talented team members including family members.  Josh McRoberts, Jody’s son, has worked for the company since 1996 learning the many facets of the SC Tool business and is a huge part of our success.  All of the combined abilities of SC Tool personnel have attributed to the customer oriented culture at SC Tool.

At a glance:

·         President of SC Tool

·         36 years of cutting tool experience

·         26 years as owner of SC Tool

·         Thrives in business development, sales & customer support

·         Pursues faith, family, outdoors & physical fitness


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