The SCTool Scrap Carbide Recycling Program

SCTool has a scrap carbide recycling program you can trust. We pay the most competitive prices immediately upon receipt and material and weight verification.

Our team works with you on your shipment from beginning to end, ensuring fast payment for your scrap material.

Scrap carbide endmills in pile

Call 844-223-6771 or email for a scrap recycling quote.

We Make it Easy to Recycle Your Scrap Carbide

  1. Call, email, or live chat our team for a current price. Quotes are good for one week, so make sure your shipping is timely.
  2. Package your scrap carbide securely, put name and address in the box, and note quote number and price quote. We will purchase as little as 10 lbs of carbide scrap.
  3. Ship USPS flat rate (2-day delivery).
  4. Save your receipt and your tracking number.
  5. Once weighed internally and payment is processed, your payment is made promptly.
Small and large pieces of scrap carbide

Types of Scrap Carbide We Accept

SCTool Corp specializes in scrap carbide recycling and offers the best prices and professional service for all forms of your scrap carbide materials.

We accept:

  • Carbide end mills
  • Carbide inserts
  • Carbide drills
  • Carbide punches
  • Carbide burs


Shipping Information for Your Scrap Carbide

Please ship all boxes to:

SCTool Corp
720 Mt Pleasant Rd.
Spartanburg SC 29307


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Scrap Carbide Recycling sticker label

Tooling or Hard Scrap Recycling

  • Small shipments of carbide scrap materials (less than 50 total pounds) can be shipped directly to SCTool Corp inexpensively through the S. Postal Service’s Flat Rate Box Service. (2-day delivery). We recommend using a medium flat rate box and including no more the 40 pounds per box.
  • Use as many boxes as necessary to ship your material. We strongly recommend limiting each box to 40 pounds of material, as it’s less likely to break the box.
  • Carefully pack the boxes to prevent the tools from shifting and vibrating during shipment, which could break through the box. You can also prevent ripping the box by double bagging the tools, packing the box with newspaper, and taping the corners. Do not use packing peanuts!
  • A damaged box might not be delivered, causing you to lose your valuable material. We do not pay for lost shipments, so we encourage you to insure your shipments.
  • For larger shipments, or if you have a facility to palletize and load on truck or drop at a freight terminal, please call us to arrange a truck pickup.

Things to Include in the Box:

  • Please fill out the form and place it in the box with your name, address to where we will be sending the check, quote number, and an email address.
  • If there is no quote number included in your shipment, we will default to that day’s floor price.

Recycling Sludge and Filters

  • We happily accept sludge from both oil and water coolant filtration systems.
  • We also buy cartridge type filters.
  • Shipping sludge in barrels is the most common way to ship the material. Place one or two barrels maximum on a strong pallet to protect the barrel from tipping over.
  • Use steel strapping or heavy-duty trucking straps to secure the barrel to the pallet.
  • Place a shipping label on the pallet.
  • Payments for this type carbide will be made once weighed at carbide processor.