QwikMod Tool Modification

Try SCTool’s 3-day (uncoated) or 5-day (coated) QwikMod tool modification service!

This includes all end mills in our catalog, including all of SCTool’s high-performance lines. We offer modifications designed with your exact needs and specifications in mind.

With this service, you can add:

  • Chipbreakers
  • Corner radius
  • Corner chamfer
  • LOC adjustment
  • Weldon flat
  • Shank coolant grooves
  • Neck additions
Family of QwickMod end mills

Email rfq@sctoolcorp.com for a Custom QwikMod Tool Modification Estimate!

Distributor Information for a QwikMod Quote

Please email rfq@sctoolcorp.com the EDP# and what modification your customer needs, and we will respond as soon as possible with pricing. Distributors can also login and add the modification to the end of the tool for an immediate quote.
We look forward to serving all your modification needs!

SC Tool Catalog

Tool Modification Specification Notes

  • We will recoat the tool if the modification requires coating for the tool to perform as expected (i.e., corner radius, corner chamfer, LOC adjustment).
  • We will not recoat the tool if the modification does not affect the tool’s performance (i.e., chipbreakers, shank flats, whistle notch, shank coolant grooves, neck additions).
  • Minimum order quantity of 5 per EDP# within the QwikMod service.
  • Please allow additional time for coating.