Industry Solutions

SCTool is a cutting tool manufacturer that boasts an expansive portfolio of high-performance tools to serve a wide range of clients and industries.

Our drills, end mills, reamers, and special carbide tooling products are currently delivering the needed results in a multitude of applications across a broad range of industries.


The aerospace industry faces tough machining application materials such as carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), titanium, and exotic high-temp alloys. SCTool works with the aerospace industry to develop tools that work specifically for each client’s application. We create customized tools that fit your precise requirements and help reach your goals.


We understand that the automotive industry is a fast-paced manufacturing environment with tight tolerances. That’s why SCTool develops processes for more efficient cycle times and recommends the best tools for those cycle times. Our team is dedicated to creating long-lasting and custom-fitted tools to machine your automotive components.

Custom Metal Working

SCTool’s engineers understand that the custom metal and machining industry faces challenges with superalloy materials. These materials are expensive and difficult to machine. Our team finds the right solution for your business and creates custom tools to stand up against the accelerated carbide tool wear caused by the naturally abrasive nature of high-temperature alloys.


The oil, wind, and gas power industries work with superalloys, such as GTD 111 and GTD 444, to produce turbine and compressor components. Our SCTool engineers create tools tailored to the energy industry that resist carbide tool wear.

Heavy Equipment

Whether you’re working with OHV equipment, commercial trucks, or marine equipment, SCTool can create a solution for you. We go beyond our standard products to create specialized tools for the heavy equipment industry and tailor solutions to meet your company’s goals.


SCTool’s dedicated engineers are experienced in designing and manufacturing various cutting tools for the medical industry. Our team works with your operators to develop a tool for your specific application needs and requirements. You can count on SCTool to create a high-performance end mill that meets your goals.

Die & Mold

Hard milling applications in the die and mold industry are becoming even more complex than ever before. To complicate the matter, poor tool life requires tool changes in the middle of a job, which means much more cost. SCTool’s Custom Die/Mold Carbide end mills provide tighter tolerances that last longer in difficult areas like parting lines and produces better finishes that reduce or eliminate the need for polishing.