Tool Reconditioning

SCTool’s abilities are not limited to manufacturing. We take pride in our ability to service a customer’s product from inception through the life cycle of the product – cradle to grave. 

Our Tool Reconditioning Capabilities

  • Professional regrinding, original recoating, and high precision reconditioning of other cutting tool brands back to original specs
  • CNC reconditioning of high-performance drills, reamers, end mills, and many other types of carbide, cobalt, and high-speed steel rotary cutting tools
  • Upon request, expedited regrinding in case of an emergency
  • Upon request, SCTool laser etches the tool each time the tool is reground to track the number of regrinds

With our Reconditioning Program, our customers save 40-75% per tool on average.

We make it easy

Place your tools in our company regrind box and we will return them to you clean, sorted, sharpened, and sized – ready to be placed in the spindle. SCTool will send you an appropriately sized box for your application.

SCTool regrind service sticker label

Email us at to start your reconditioning service.

The CNC milling machine finishing cutting the injection mold parts by solid ball endmill tools

Accommodating Special Requests

  • Edge prep
  • End work only
  • Laser etch each tool’s shank for tracking the number of regrinds
  • Recoating
  • Cutting diameter only
  • Additional modifications